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All those essential items for your motorcycle maintanace plus those extra motorcycle accessories to make life easier - all products under £30

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Kriega Harness Pocket

Water resistant Kriega Harness Pocket - Rucksack Harness Pocket also fits waistpack belts and hydration rucksack

£22.50 *

Kriega Kube Organiser

Kriega Kube Organiser - 1 litre capacity padded organiser pack - accessory for Kriega motorcycle luggage

£19.00 *

Kriega Laptop Case

Kriega Laptop case is a 4 litre padded organiser pack ideal for transporting your laptop, with carry handle, zip and inner pocket

£32.50 *

Kriega Mini Tablet Case

Kriega Mini Tablet case is a 0.7 litre padded organiser pack ideal for transporting your mini tablet, with zip and inner pocket

£22.50 *

Kriega Rear Haul Loop

Kriega rear haul loop - top quality accessory to help you haul the bike out of sticky situations - don't go on the trail without one!

£25.00 *

Kriega Stash - Organiser / Wallet

Handy Travel organiser / wallet. Perfect for all those frequent-use items, like keys, cards, cash, mobile, papers, pen, ear plugs etc.

£22.50 *

Kriega Tablet Case

Kriega Tablet case is a 1 litre padded organiser pack ideal for transporting your tablet, with carry handle, zip and inner pocket

£25.00 *

Kriega Tool Roll - Motorcycle Luggage

Tough, hard wearing Cordura Tool Roll to carry and easily find al those essential motorcycle tools

£27.50 *

Kuma iDevice USB device charger

Kuma iDevice USB power charges any USB powered device including iPad, Smartphone or iPhone from your motorcycle (or other vehicle).

£28.00 *

Lockstraps Helmet Lock - 60cm

Brilliant 60cm combination lock carabiner strap with steel cables inside - perfect for motorcycle helmet security. 

£24.99 *

M10 to M8 Adapter for Rear View Mirror

M10 to M8 adapter for rear view mirror M10x1.25 to M8x1.25

£5.00 *

Michelin Off-Road Inner Tube - Ultra Heavy Duty

Michelin Off-Road Ultra Heavy Duty Inner Tubes are 4mm thick to reduce punctures and pinching

£30.00 *

Motion Pro Bead Buddy 2

The Bead Buddy 2 is the new design of professional clamp to help fit your tyre to you rim after tyre or mousse change
£15.00 *

Motion Pro Pedal Anchor Kit

Prevents your brake pedal from catching on berms, branches, rocks, etc - includes 3 cables and crimp fittings


£10.00 *

Motion Pro Rim Shields x 2 - rim protectors

NEW improved rim protectors! Stop damage to your shiny rims when changing tyres, tubes or mooses.


£15.00 *

Motion Pro T6 Combo 3/8 Socket Adapter

Designed to fit the Motion Pro T6 ring spanner - turns your spanner into a 3/8" socket wrench to remove the need to carry extra tools.

Prices From £15.50 *

Motion Pro T6 Trail Bead Buddy

Lightweight clamp used to help push your tyre back onto your rim after a change or puncture - Not for mousse changing
£10.00 *

Motion Pro Tools T6 Combo Lever

Super lightweight T7075 aircraft aluminium tyre levers with integral ring spanner. Unbendable and unbreakable! Used by Dakar racers

£26.00 *

MotoPressor Tyre Pressure Gauge

Excellent tyre pressure gauge reads in PSI and Bar - simply clip on and make sure you're running the right pressures

£22.00 *

Oil Drain Can oil dispenser- 5 litre

5 litre Oil Drain Can fits under your bike to catch any oil that is drained and then it is easy to transport and dispose of the waste oil

£19.50 *

Polisport Fork Saver

Essential when transporting bikes to prevent overloading your front forks and to provide stability when strapped down

£15.00 *

Pro Tyre Lube 2.5 litre

Tyre Lube makes tyre fitting easy and is completely safe.  ProClean Tyre Lube is quick drying and leaves no unsightly residue.

£14.50 *

ProGrip 786 Foam Rally Grips

Comfortable High Density Foam Grips - Diameter 22-25mm - Length 125mm - Black Only - Made in Italy

£15.00 *

Proskins Moto All Seasons Baselayer Top with short sleeves

High Performance baselayer short sleeved round neck top designed to be worn under motorcycle textile/leather clothing

Currently unavailable

Proskins Moto Balaclava

High Performance Balaclava designed to be worn under motorcycle helmets, also ideal for skiing, walking, running, cycling

£13.99 *

Proskins Moto Inner Glove Liner

High Performance Sports Inner Gloves designed to be worn as a liner under Motorbike Gloves, ideal for walking, running and much more

£13.99 *

Proskins Moto Neck Tube

High Performance Neck Tube, ideal for motorcycling, skiing, running, walking, cycling and much more

£10.99 *

Puncture Safe Motorcycle Kit

Puncture prevention and repair kit that protects tubeless tyres by automatically re-sealing them in the event of a puncture

£25.00 *

Quick Strap Goggle Mount kit

These Quick Straps make it quick and easy (even while riding) to attach or remove your goggles - perfect for Enduro and Off-Road

£25.00 *

Rim Protector - Pair

A pair of plastic rim protectors, to save scuffing your wheel rims with the tyre levers when changing tyres.

£5.00 *
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31 - 60 of 113 results