Tools & Maintenance

Tools & Maintenance

Essential motorcycle tools and maintenance equipment to help you maintain and repair your dualsport, touring or off-road motorcycle

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Polisport Fork Saver

Essential when transporting bikes to prevent overloading your front forks and to provide stability when strapped down

£15.00 *

Motion Pro Tools T6 Combo Lever

Super lightweight T7075 aircraft aluminium tyre levers with integral ring spanner. Unbendable and unbreakable! Used by Dakar racers

£26.00 *

Motion Pro T6 Combo 3/8 Socket Adapter

Designed to fit the Motion Pro T6 ring spanner - turns your spanner into a 3/8" socket wrench to remove the need to carry extra tools.

Prices From £15.50 *

Motion Pro T6 Trail Bead Buddy

Lightweight clamp used to help push your tyre back onto your rim after a change or puncture - Not for mousse changing
£10.00 *

Motion Pro Rim Shields x 2 - rim protectors

NEW improved rim protectors! Stop damage to your shiny rims when changing tyres, tubes or mooses.


£15.00 *

Motion Pro Pedal Anchor Kit

Prevents your brake pedal from catching on berms, branches, rocks, etc - includes 3 cables and crimp fittings


£10.00 *

Star-Pro Pivot Head Torx Wrench Set 6pc

180 degree swivel head with extra long handle for accessing hard to reach places. Kit includes T-25/27/30/40/45/50
£55.00 *

Teng Tools TX 9 Piece Hex Wrench Set

Teng Quality 9 Piece TX set for internal TX heads. Chrome vanadium steel. In folding plastic holder.

£21.00 *
Original price £27.00

Teng Tools TX-TPX 7 Piece Handle Driver Set

Teng Tools - Quality 7 Piece TX/TPX set with T handle for internal TX heads. Chrome vanadium steel. In plastic tray.

£39.50 *
Original price £49.00

Teng Tools 7 Piece HEX AF Keys with T Handle

Teng Tools - Quality 7 Piece HEX AF Key set with T handle for internal HEX heads. Chrome vanadium steel. In plastic tray.

£48.90 *
Original price £49.00

Motion Pro Bead Buddy 2

The Bead Buddy 2 is the new design of professional clamp to help fit your tyre to you rim after tyre or mousse change
£15.00 *

Dynaplug Ultralite Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit

Dynaplug LITE mototrcycle tyre repair kit comes in aluminium and is easy to use on almost all tubeless tyres.

£32.00 *

MDR Combo Tyre Lever Set

Perfect combination tool set - MDR combo tyre lever set, 32mm, 27mm, 22mm & 10/13mm for european motorcycles - orange

£39.00 *

Motorcycle Tyre Repair Kit

Our Motorcycle Tyre Repair Kit contains patches, plugs, tools & materials needed to repair and re-inflate your tyre on the spot

£42.00 *

Bike It Tirox 360 Chain Brush

Bike It Tirox 360 Degree Chain Brush. Fast, easy and precise chain cleaning device suitable for all chain sizes (415-630), O-Ring and X-Ring safe.

£14.00 *
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31 - 57 of 57 results

Lubrication & Cleaning

Essential motorcycle lubrication and cleaning products from WD-40 to keep your motorcycle in peak condition - on and off-road

Motorcycle Service & Repair Products

Motorcycle maintenance and repair items including those essential punture repair kits for off-road riders

Motorcycle Tools & Equipment

Tools and equipment ideal for motorcycle use, from quality Teng tools and tool kits to mousse changers and tyre levers