Rear View Folding Mirror Length Adjustable

Rear View Folding Mirror Length Adjustable

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Excellent Service
from on 25/04/2019
Fast reliable service, I decided to return the product (no fault of the company) and they responded quickly and refunded me without any hassle. Would definitely order from this company again, very good service.
Improvement on standard mirrors
from on 21/03/2018
Used on the Honda grom where the standard mirrors just don’t seem to do the job (nice mirror image of your arms and shoulders) this sees to be a pretty common complaint from most grom riders a pity the arms where not just a little bit longer to enable a bit more vision very easy to fit with plenty of different fittings mirrors fold in quite easy once fitted however just be ware you may need to loosen them slightly with an Allen key was a bit oriented about vibration affecting them but that does not seem to be a problem
I find them ideal trying to get the bike through narrow spaces like my gate and door by simply just folding them in

Just a pity they don’t have a ball and socket type of joint to make them easy to adjust by hand but you need to use. Spanner to loosen them try and get the right angle before tightening them up again which takes a few times to try and get just right he the arm been around half an inch longer and a ball and socket joint been available then these would be a must buy for any grom rider

At least now can slightly see what’s behind me whereas standard mirrors would have been more useful s an ashtray

Good but could be a lot better with a slightly longer arm and the ball and socket joint would then make them just perfect if that happens then let me know s I will be first I the queue to buy them

Lastly a compliment to Adventure bike warehouse took the time and trouble to promptly answer my questions about the product and one paid for offered a fast delivery service with the items well wrapped


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Mounting Adapter for Folding Mirror Mounting Adapter for Folding Mirror
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