RoadHawk Bullet R+ Moto

RoadHawk Bullet R+ Moto

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The RoadHawk Bullet R+ Moto Edition Camera

Silver finish (not black as in some images)

The RoadHawk Bullet R+ Moto Edition Camera has been designed specifically for motorcycles and other motorised transport and also includes a hard wiring kit which allows the camera to be powered from the ignition of a vehicle. The waterproof, discrete and robust camera offers a choice of standard or loop recording with an optional time and date stamp. This makes it ideal for road users looking to record their journeys for evidential purposes or for recording track days and sports action adventures.

  • Continually monitors the road in front of the rider
  • 1080p high definition video
  • Can be powered directly from the bike for automatic recording
  • Provides vital time/date stamped evidence of what actually happened
  • Allows claims to be settled more effectively and efficiently
  • Eligible for use in court to exonerate a rider of any blame
  • 135 field-of-view, offering wide angle, distortion free video
  • Simple to view and send video files
  • No subscription or on-going costs and zero maintenance once fitted
  • Full 2 year warranty and UK based Customer Support

RF Remote Control

When not using the hard wiring kit, the additional RF remote control allows for greater flexibility when using the RoadHawk Bullet R+ Moto Edition. This not only allows remote recording but also the abiity to take photographs.

Memory Capacity

The RoadHawk Bullet R+ Moto Edition is supplied with an 8GB MicroSD memory card that can hold around 80 minutes of 1080p HD video. When upgraded to a 32GB MicroSD memory card, the capacity is extended to approximately 5 hours (subject to power).

Easy to Operate

We’ve made the RoadHawk Bullet R+ Moto Edition as simple as possible to operate. There is a single button on the camera to turn it on/off. If the camera is on then it is recording!

Battery Capacity

The built-in Li-Poly battery will record for around 90 minutes. Using the hard wiring kit negates the need for the battery by using the external power source. Alternatively, the optional RoadHawk Waterproof USB battery pack supply can be connected for longer record times (up to 4.5 hours). Both of these alternatives ensure the camera remains waterproof.

UK Designed Software

The RoadHawk Bullet R+ Moto edition is also fully software configurable, allowing riders to adjust the settings for exposure, brightness and contrast. The software also allows loop record mode to be turned off for the rides you don’t want recorded over, the time and date stamp added removed or changed, and footage inverted for times when mounting the camera the right way up are not possible.

RoadHawk Bullet R+ Features:

  • Loop recording (selectable)
  • Date/time stamp (selectable)
  • 1080P (30fps) 720p (60fps) resolution
  • Waterproof up to 10 metres
  • 5MP photo mode
  • 135° wide angled lens
  • Vibration alert
  • One button operation
  • 90 minute battery life

What's included:

  • RoadHawk Ride R+ Camera
  • 8GB microSD memory card
  • Pro clamp cradle
  • Adjustable clamp cradle
  • Handle/bar mount
  • Curved tray mount
  • Flat tray mount
  • Additional vented rear cap
  • Lanyard
  • Spare o-rings
  • USB cable
  • RF remote controller
  • RF remote receiver
  • 12v hard wiring kit

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