MotoPressor Tyre Pump - Compact Light Weight

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Rocky Creek - MotoPressor Motorcycle Tyre Pump

Compact, lightweight, 12 volt tyre inflator - designed for motorcycles.

We have been looking for a good motorcycle tyre inflator for a while and we're very happy to be able to supply this MotoPressor pump from Rocky Creek.  Read for yourself why it hits the spot for the Adventure (or any other) rider...

This is a great little tyre pump. ULTRA compact, this stripped down pocket pump weighs in at only 570g and fits in the palm of your hand. Built around a custom modified 12 volt inflator. What it lacks in looks, it makes up for in performance and functionality – which is what you really need when you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere.

MotoPressor has a 63cm long inflator hose, with a hands-free, lock-down delivery valve that fits all bikes. A long 2.65m SAE fused power cord comes with two adaptors: a direct connect for your battery and alligator clips, both with SAE connectors. Included in the kit is a sports needle for blowing up footballs and a couple of nozzles for inflating airbeds etc. All this packs small into the included heavy duty neoprene pouch.

MotoPressor will pump the front tyre of your motorcycle from flat to around 32 psi and the rear to around 28psi in two (2) minutes (Tests run on a BMW R1200GS).  MotoPressor is capable of pumping over 100 psi!

The MotoPressor can be used to inflate tyres, top off your air shocks, air forks, inflate airbeds or anything else, anywhere, anytime, over and over again.  FITS IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND.

Can the MotoPressor set a bead?  Have a look at the video below...


Warning:  The motopressor will draw over 5a at startup.  Do not plug the motopressor into your "factory installed" accessory socket if your motorcycle has a canbus system as is the case with modern bmw motorcycles.  Either install and use the supplied battery cable, the supplied alligator clips or an accessory socket that is "direct connected" to your battery.


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