Puncture Safe Motorcycle Kit

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PunctureSafe Motorcycle Kit

PunctureSafe is unique puncture prevention and repair kit to protect tubeless tyres by automatically re-sealing them in the event of a puncture.

Uses a revolutionary (pun intended) compound called FlexxaGel™ and centrifugal force to seal a tyre in the event of a puncture. A tyre life extender/conditioner & permanent puncture prevention treatment

  • Puncture Preventation - apply this now and if you get a puncture, it will automatically re-seal so you can carry on your way.
  • Puncture Repair - if you get a puncture, simply apply the gel, spin the wheel and it will be re-sealed.

See our PunctureSafe Testing video on our Facebook Page

Single Bottle DIY Kit

High Performance High Speed Grade for Motorcycles, Scooters, single axle Touring Caravans & Trailers, containing enough puncture prevention to do 2 large or 3 small motorcycle tyres or 3 to 4 scooter tyres.

780 ml - this is a new bigger bottle with 11% extra free. Now packaged in a new funky electric pink carton

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