Motoz Tractionator Desert H/T

Motoz Tractionator Desert H/T

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Motoz Tractionator Desert H/T


95% Dry – 5% Wet; 90% Hard – 10% Soft


Designed to handle hard terrain, fast rocky fire trails, gravel roads and desert hard pack with sandy variations. Its unique tread design handles off camber sections, ruts, hard braking at extreme lean angles. All Tractionator Desert H/Ts are intended for intermediate-hard terrain and rally use, and cross over into adventure use very well. They offer long wear life and excellent traction in varied terrain. Therefore they are like a special desert race tyre without the expense.

As a result they excel in high speed wide open throttle cornering, deceleration/engine braking into fast corners, fast rocky trails and multi day rides where long tire wear is essential. This off road tyre is built very tough and has our endurance proven natural rubber rich compound for long distance mileage. DOT Homologated.

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