Lockstraps Helmet Lock - 60cm

Lockstraps Helmet Lock - 60cm

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Lockstrap Helmet Lock - 60cm

Perfect for securing your motorcycle helmet, jacket or luggage

ABW is the UK importer for Lockstraps.

Question:  How do you lock your helmet to your motorcycle? 
Answer:  Use a lockstrap

The lock is simple to use with its combination lock carabiner and can be used in a variety of motorcycling situations. It is easily carried in a pocket or under the seat of most motorcycles.

Keep your helmet secure when you are out and about or on a worldwide tour. We use our Lockstraps Helmet Lock to secure a helmet, jacket and our soft luggage all with one lock.

Heavy duty locking carabiners

No more keys! These beefy combination locks make it easy for you to secure your stuff.

  • Keep your straps locked to your bike, trailer or van, so that you don’t lose them
  • Don’t worry about keeping track of keys

Steel cable inside full length of strap

No other strap has a full length steel cable to prevent theft.

  • Steel cable adds extra strength and protection
  • Runs full length of strap
  • Now you can have peace of mind while you are away from your bike, trailer or van!

Beefy rivets for super strength

Solid industrial strength construction. Lockstraps are made to take any kind of abuse you can give out, that’s why we included these beefy rivets.

  • Working load 400lbs, Max load 1200lbs
  • Built to last

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