Kuma iDevice USB device charger

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Kuma iDevice USB power charger

Charge any USB powered device including iPad, Android tablet, Smartphone or iPhone anywhere you have access to a running vehicle engine or starting battery - perfect for your motorcycle. This charger connects directly to the battery terminals and can be hard-wired or soft wired in seconds. With waterproof cabling and switch box and fully waterproof gland on the USB output you need never worry about damp, wet or humid conditions.

The connector provides you with a standard USB connection, so by simply using your USB data cable which came with your device,  you can plug directly into the charging system of the battery on the vehicle. Works on any vehicle from a moped to an earth-mover and everything in between.

High output – charges an iPhone 5S from completely dead to 100% in 2 hours with the phone switched on and in normal mode. That’s 10 minutes faster than the Apple official charger.

Every single unit age individually age tested by us before dispatch and comes with a full 2 year warranty.

This system uses a 2 amp fuse and a waterproof voltage regulator, featuring an On / Off switch so when left permanently installed there is no drain on the vehicle battery. The device charger features a standard USB connection so it is truly universal and useful to all models and makes globally. No adapter needed – works anywhere in the world.

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