Kriega US-20 (20L) DryBag

Kriega US-20 (20L) DryBag


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The Kriega US-20 (20 litre) DryBag

The Kriega US20 is extremely versatile waterproof motorcycle luggage to provide 20 litres of waterproof luggage capacity.  It can be used as tail pack, tail bag, tank bag or additional capacity for rucksacks and hydro packs. 

The Pack

20-litre capacity 100% waterproof tailpack. Innovative design which attaches directly to the bike seat with 4 x alloy hooks. The US-20 also comes equipped with removable shoulder and waist straps. It can be carried courier style, on or off the bike.


Base anti-slip mesh also doubles as a pocket to store the shoulder & waist straps when the US-20 is attached to the bike. The shoulder strap connects to the large D-rings at each end of the pack and the waist strap connects to 2 fold away buckles at the corners of the mesh-pocket.


Tank converter kit. Allows the US-20 to be used as a 100% waterproof tankbag. Post 2012 US-20s have 4 x alloy hook straps as standard. (Kriega recommends pre-2012 users to upgrade to the new hooks - see spares) these attach very easily and quickly to the web-ladder loops on the Tank product. Compress the pack down with the 4 x Q/R buckles or just release the tension on the alloy hook straps and unhook from the TANK webbing.


The US-20 fits pefectly on top of ADV. alloy panniers. Use standard US-Hook straps through the lid handles or use optional Rack-loops to hook the pack to pannier or to other points on the bike frame. The US-pack system is a fantastically versatile luggage solution for adding extra 100% waterproof storage.


Post 2012 US-20 packs now fit with the Kriega alloy hooks and have never been easier or quicker to take on and off, with no loose straps left on the bike. The ultra secure subframe fitting allows tailpack combinations of up to 90-lites and is particularly suitable for bolt-on seat pads and traditional one-piece seats (4 x web loops attach to the subframe and exit at the seat edge). Attach the 4 x alloy hooks to the loops and compress the pack down with the Q/R adjusters. Secure the loose strap ends with the web tidy components and you're ready to go. NB - US-packs can be mounted inline or across the seat.

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