Enduristan Sandstorm Tank Bag 4H - 7L

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Enduristan Sandstorm Tank Bag 4H - 7L

Many people riding hard on tough tracks don't like tankbags for good reason: They are often too large and get in the way. Thus Sandstorm 4H is designed without stiff reinforcement, is flexible and has an optimized shape without "nutter-effect".

Dimensions: 27cm x 20cm x 16cm (L x W x H)



  • Fits almost any dirt, dual purpose or adventure bike, no matter if the tank is curved or flat.
  • Soft, unreinforced design, no "nutter-effect"
  • Large waterproof map pocket (27.5 x 19 cm)
  • Red inner lining for high visibility
  • Waterproof cable ducts to main compartment and map pocket
  • 1 fold-away separators in the main compartment: Fold it in to divide your bag, fold it away to have one large compartment
  • Fold-away separator can be placed at any required position along the length of the tankbag
  • 1 zipper pocket on the separator
  • 1 zipper pocket in the main compartment
  • Various holding loops in the main compartment
  • Removable document pouch under the cover with pen holder, mesh pocket and key ring
  • ROKstraps can be stored under the floor construction for comfortable carrying
  • Firm seat under even the most extreme off road riding
  • Easy fastening, quick removal
  • Quick access for refueling
  • No flapping straps
  • Built to last, washable and easy to clean

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