Forcefield Isolator L2 Hip Armour

Forcefield Isolator L2 Hip Armour


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Huge protection: passes CE Level 2 test from 10.6kN (the pass level is 20kN or less)!


The new Forcefield Isolator 2 offers the best CE Level 2 protection, whilst maintaining low weight and minimal size.


Designed to replace existing bulky armour, the super soft heat-reactive Isolator 2 limb armour is just 12mm thick.


It offers superior impact protection, having been tested and passed against the latest CE 2 standards (including ambient, wet, hot and cold tests).


The Isolator 2 armour range comprises:
•    Back Insert (001, 002 and 003 shape)
•    Shoulder Armour
•    Elbow Armour
•    Hip Armour
•    Knee Armour


Max width and height: 230mm x 115mm


Weight: 65g

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