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About Adventure Bike Warehouse Manchester UK


Who are 'Adventure Bike Warehouse'?

Adventure Bike Warehouse based in Manchester, UK is a shop, service centre and online retailer for every aspect of adventure motorcycles, we even provide off road training in the Peak District.

Our shop provides the opportunity to try and test products or to chat with experienced end users of the kit.  We carry a large amount of stock for speed of delivery including everything from clothing, helmets and body armour through to bike protection parts, lights, tools and workshop accessories.  We are also a dealership for the Herald Motorcycles.

We have a fully equipped workshop and offer fitting of parts purchased to your motorcycle and provide full servicing on many makes of bikes. We also offer preparation of bikes about to embark upon tours, expeditions or rallies.

Order online knowing that you are dealing with motorbike enthusiasts based in a shop you can visit anytime we are open. 

We are authorised retailers for many top brands so you can buy with confidence, knowing we are on hand for support with warranty claims and that we have a fair returns policy.

Whether you're going on an adventure around the world or weekends away in the UK, we have the motorbike gear to make your trips comfortable. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have on 0161 736 8040.

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Why should you part with any of your hard earned (or otherwise!) cash for our products or services?


  • Physical Shop
  • Physical Workshop
  • Physical Office

Yes - we are physical!  Adventure Bike Warehouse is based in Manchester (the UK one) and is a real shop and workshop where you can call in for a brew and a chat.  Not just a chat with staff.  Thanks to the informal atmosphere and friendly nature we have established, you can chew the fat with other like minded bikers.  Get ideas, discuss the merits (or not) of the kit, brag about your lastest trip or the next one you have planned. We can bore you with some of our adventures or just give you straight, honest advice about the products as we've tested most for real.  You can even just shop and go!

The workshop can cater for everything from fitting a new part (hopefully one you've just bought from us - but we're not picky), a standard service for most bikes through to a full prep for your next off-road expedition or Rally.  We don't blag!  If we don't know or can't do it we will tell you and help you however we can.

We have our own office on site with computers and phones, so your enquries are dealt with by us - not a call centre.


  • Real World Experience
  • Real Training
  • Real Tours

Yes, we are real.  Our MD Gary cut his teeth in motorcycling as an army dispatch rider in the Falkland Islands on an Armstrong 500.  Since then he has been part of and led expeditions in Morocco, Canada, Europe and the USA, including a month long tour to Prudoe Bay in Alaska along the Dalton Highway made famous by the Ice Road Truckers.

On those expeditions Gary has tried and tested a vast range of products from different manufacturers in varying conditions.  The products we stock and the services we offer are mostly based on those experiences.  Everything from the robustness of the Scala Rider Headsets when they hit the ground at 50mph in Alaska to how waterproof the Forma Adventure Boot is on Salisbury Plain.  Even closer to home, we regularly take the opportunity to test gear on the Peak District Training sessions.

As a knowledgeable and experienced off-roader, Gary is our lead guide and tour leader in addition to taking charge of our training in the Peak District.  You may also be reassured to know that he’s a trained medic from his private security contractor days in the Middle East, so if you don't follow his instructions and you injure yourself, he can help with that too!

Phone: 0161 736 8040

As we always say.......   give us a call or drop in for a brew – the kettle is always on!