Motorcycle Saddlebags

The Giant Loop Saddlebags offer a range of sizes to suit any application or journey plans.  Travel light and fast with the Giant Loop Mojave or get a full 60 litres of waterproof capacity with the Giant Loop Great Basin -  and no need for metal racks.  That's why we think the Giant loop range of motorcycle saddlebags is the one to have.

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Giant Loop Coyote Roll Top Saddlebag

The choice for hardcore off-road expeditions. Carry gear for overnight or multi-day trips and still have access to the entire saddle 

£300.00 *

Giant Loop Great Basin Roll Top Saddlebag

The Great Basin Saddlebag Roll Top delivers 68+ litres of packable volume with a set of 3 waterproof inner liner pods

£375.00 *

Giant Loop Mojave Saddlebag

Giant Loop Mojave saddlebags carry the essentials needed for a day trip or trail ride. Slim, trim carrying capacity in various colours

£169.00 *

Kriega Solo-14 Saddlebag

Kriega Solo 14 saddlebag provides 14 litres of waterproof motorcycle luggage, constructed from super-tough abrasion resistant materials

£165.00 *

Giant Loop Rogue Dry Bag

Adds 17 litres of 100% waterproof storage by attaching to your Saddlebag. Perfect for sleeping pad, tent, shoes, maps, etc.

£70.00 *

Giant Loop Tillamook Dry Bag

Adds 38 litres of 100% waterproof storage by attaching to your Saddlebag or bike - plenty of extra dualsport luggage capacity

£86.00 *

Kriega Duo-28 Saddlebags

Kriega Duo 28 saddlebags provide 28 litres of waterproof motorcycle luggage capacity. Super-tough abrasion resistant Hypalon & Cordura

£269.00 *

Kriega Solo-18 Saddlebag

Kriega Solo 18 saddlebag with 18 litres of waterproof luggage capacity, constructed from super-tough abrasion resistant materials

£175.00 *

Kriega Duo-36 Saddlebags

Kriega Duo 36 saddlebags with 36 litre capacity. Waterproof saddlebags constructed from super-tough abrasion resistant materials

£289.00 *

Kriega OS-32 Soft Pannier

Kriega OS-32 soft pannier with 100% waterproof roll-top closure, constructed from Hypalon™ + 1000D Cordura®, with Kevlar® 

£249.00 *

Enduristan Blizzard Saddle Bags

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