Hydration Compatible Rucksacks

Hydration compatible rucksacks from Kriega, specifically for motorcycle riders.  Motorcycle rucksacks, hydration packs and reservoirs

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The Hydro-3 is a race-spec. 3-litre hydration pack with an unequalled level of fit and comfort.

£125.00 *

Hydration compatible motorcycle rucksack for road and enduro riders. Ultra-short back length to wear above waistpacks.

£115.00 *

Kriega R20 - Hydration compatible 20 litre motorcycle rucksack for road and off-road riders with optional back protection insert

£129.00 *

The Kriega R25 Rucksack is the most popular motorcycle backpack in the Kriega range with a convenient 25 litre capacity

£149.00 *

can be shipped within 7 days

The Kriega R30 Rucksack is the perfect motorcycle backpack for road riders with a convenient 30 litre capacity

£199.00 *

Hydrapak military spec. 3 litre reservoir, tube and bite valve for R15, 20 and 25 rucksacks. Reversible for easy cleaning, drying and filling.

£45.00 *

Newer 2014 version of the ultimate long distance road riding motorcycle rucksack with 35 litre capacity

£199.00 *

Faster & safer hands free hydration with this in-helmet kit. For use with the Kriega 3 litre Hydrapak® reservoir

£35.00 *
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