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Leading quality brands of textile motorcycle jackets for adventure, touring, off-road and expeditions in all conditions. Including Klim Jackets - great range of brands and styles to suit all your needs. All tried and tested by real enthusiasts ready to give real world advice on the products we sell.

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Keis Premium Heated Jacket J501

Keis Premium Heated Jacket combines the very latest heat generation technology with a super lightweight, stylish design.

£200.00 *

ADV Spec Linesman Jacket

Linesman trail riding jacket. Soft shell, with vents and Kevlar reinforced fabric in key abrasion zones. Part of a layering system.

£249.00 *

ADV Spec Mongolia Trail Jacket

Mongolia trail jacket is tailored to 'ride far and light'. Tough, well ventilated and part of a comprehensive layer system.

£249.00 *

ADV Spec Atacama Race Jacket

Atacama Race Jacket. Built for and hard tested in the Dakar Rally. Tough & extremely light for rally or extreme ADV riding.

£249.00 *

ADV Spec Baltic Hybrid Jacket

The ADV Spec Baltic Hybrid Jacket. A minimal lightweight mid layer shell jacket that is designed to stretch over body armour

£139.00 *

ADV Spec Baltic Insulated Jacket

The ADV Spec Baltic Insulated Jacket. A lightweight warm insulated mid layer shell jacket that is designed to wear under an outer jacket.

£179.00 *

Klim Kodiak Jacket

Klim Kodiak Jacket - comfort and confidence are provided by this long range waterproof touring jacket - black or grey

Prices From £985.00 *

Klim Carlsbad Jacket

The Klim Carlsbad Jacket is a highly mobile, highly vented and minimized bulk waterproof adventure touring jacket - black, grey, brown

Prices From £535.00 *
Original price £669.00

Klim Inferno Jacket - Mid Layer

The Klim Inferno Jacket is still the most popular insulating mid-layer in the KLIM range, with 2 zippered hand pockets & refined fit.

£105.00 *

Knox Zephyr Motorcycle Jacket

Zephyr motorcycle jacket gives freedom to ride confidently and comfortably in warmer climates, knowing you are protected.

Knox Zephyr Waterproof Motorcycle OverJacket

Knox Zephyr lightweight waterproof shell is designed to fit neatly over the top of the Zephyr armoured Jacket.

Proskins Moto Windproof Shell Layer Top

Ultra-lightweight rip-stop Windproof Shell Layer to protect you from wind penetration of outer layers - Perfect under motorcyle clothing.

Klim Everest Jacket - Mid-layer fleece

Klim Everest Jacket provides premium fleece mid-layer warmth under outer wear or a casual comfortable jacket

Klim PowerXross Pullover

The latest Klim PowerXross Pullover is a durable, lightweight and highly dependable top for agressive riders

£305.00 *

Klim Gore-Tex Over-Shell Jacket

Designed to fit directly over the Adventure Rally Air Jacket, the new GORE-TEX® Overshell Jacket is a water and wind-proof barrier

£366.00 *

Klim Traverse Jacket

Klim Traverse Jacket is a GoreTex lightweight shell with heavy duty Cordura construction. Ride all day, every day in absolute dry comfort.

Klim Valdez Parka Jacket

Klim Valdez Parka - GORE-TEX® Pro Shell jacket designed for highly active trail riders demanding maximum performance

Out of stock

Klim Altitude Jacket

Woman's motorcycle jacket tailored to fit the female form - GORE-TEX® weatherproof, high-tech armor coverage

£599.00 *

Klim Apex Jacket

Klim Apex Jacket - The highest-performing sport touring jacket - weather protection, abrasion resistance & complete impact coverage

£659.00 *

Klim Adventure Rally Air Jacket

Offers greater ventilation than the Rally Jacket while still providing exceptional protection from impacts and abrasion.

£1,151.00 *

Klim Adventure Rally Jacket

Built around a fully adjustable upper and lower harness - it literally lets the jacket float on your body - the pinnacle of jackets!

Prices From £1,575.00 *

Klim Apex Air Jacket

Klim Apex Air Jacket is the premium controlled-ventilation touring jacket. Easily go from heating up to cooling down. Black, Grey, Hi-Vis

Acerbis Adventure Jacket Black - Waterproof

Acerbis Adventure Jacket Black - Waterproof Textile Motorcycle Jacket with removable sleeves - matching pants available

Acerbis Adventure Jacket Grey - Waterproof

Acerbis Adventure Jacket Grey - Waterproof Textile Motorcycle Jacket with removable sleeves - matching pants available

Dane Thor Men's Soft Shell Jacket

Dane Thor Soft Shell Jacket is wind and water resistant, but breathable and can be worn as a mid layer or on its own.

Dane Freya Soft Shell Ladies Jacket

Dane Freya Soft Shell Ladies Jacket is wind and water resistant, but breathable and can be worn as a mid layer or on its own.

£89.00 *

Klim Badlands Pro Jacket 2018


Designed for the toughest Adventure Riders who overcome the harshest elements.  Developed to master continuous abuse from hardened World Travelers. Introducing the next generation of the Badlands Pro. The most trusted name in ADV.

£1,025.00 *

Klim Latitude Jacket 2018

With each essential element refined, the ideal touring companion is here. Mastering protection, ventilation, and adjustability, the Latitude is your trusted companion on your next odyssey.

£715.00 *

Klim Forecast Jacket 2018

Engineered for the unexpected. The GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY® Forecast stays packed away until you need it. Easy to put on over your riding gear, stows away in its own pocket and takes up minimal volume in your gear.

£215.00 *
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1 - 30 of 38 results

Waterproof Motorcycle Jackets

Top quality waterproof motorcycle jackets from premium brands including Klim to keep you dry during your adventures or commuting