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All those essential items for your motorcycle maintanace plus those extra motorcycle accessories to make life easier - all products under £30

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Knox Flex Lite Knee Protectors

Knox Flex Lite Knee Protectors – Soft, light & comfortable knee protection, perfect for wearing under motorcycle jeans

£35.00 *

Giant Loop Hot Springs Heat Shield 3

Giant Loop's ingeniously simple and effective exhaust shield protects bags and bodywork from heat damage

£25.00 *

Bike It Tirox 360 Chain Brush

Bike It Tirox 360 Degree Chain Brush. Fast, easy and precise chain cleaning device suitable for all chain sizes (415-630), O-Ring and X-Ring safe.

£14.00 *

Grip Puppies

Grip Puppies bring you added comfort and also reduce fatigue created by vibration. Grip puppies will fit all standard grip sizes.


£20.00 *

ACF-50 Anti-Corrosion Protectant Lubricant

ACF-50 Spray is an anti-corrosion protectant and lubricant that we highly recommend for all motorcycle riding

£17.00 *

Apico 380mm/15" Michelin Type Tyre Lever

Apico 380mm/15" Michelin Type (kinked) Tyre Lever - the ideal tool for fitting our Michelin Mousses

£13.00 *

Apico Motorcycle Socks

Apico All Year Boot Socks - Comfortable, washable and a great value knee length motorcycle sock

£12.00 *

Bolt Track Pack - Euro Style

Bolt track pack fastner kit is perfect for your tool bag to keep you moving.  Euro style bolts and fixings

£15.00 *

Exped Waterproof Fold DryBag

Exped 70 Denier PU-coated Taffeta Nylon bags with taped seams keep your kit completely dry.  Note- these are the 70 Denier version.


Prices From £10.00 *

Forcefield Upgrade Performance Armour

Forcefield Upgrade Performance Armour is designed to replace existing armour inserts - available in pairs for shoulder, arm, leg and hip

£30.00 *

Giant Loop Protective Vinyl Film

The Giant Loop Vinyl Protective Film takes the abuse – NOT your painted and plastic surfaces

£35.00 *

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Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers to spend in store or online on motorcycle clothing, luggage, lights, accessories, tyres, servicing or anything we sell - brews are still free!

£25.00 *

Granger's Performance Cleaner

Cleaner, formulated to clean technical outdoor clothing including motorcycle jackets, trousers & gloves - recommended for Gore-Tex

£4.99 *

Granger's Performance Proofer

Wash-in waterproofer for technical outdoor clothing including motorcycle jackets, trousers & gloves - recommended for Gore-Tex

£6.99 *

Granger's Performance Proofer Spray

Spray waterproofer for technical outdoor clothing including motorcycle jackets, trousers & gloves - recommended for Gore-Tex

£7.99 *

Granger's Universal Spray Cleaner

A high performance spray cleaner designed for all clothing and equipment. Easy to use spray on and wipe off formula - 275ml

£4.99 *

Handlebar Mount for Rear View Mirror M10 x 1.25

22mm handlebar mount for rear view mirror M10x1.25

£16.00 *

HelmetLok Combination lock

Carabiner style combination helmet lock with D-Shackle extension to attach your helmet to your bike and lock it.

£20.00 *

Kill Switch Lanyard Type

Excellent Lanyard Type Kill switch from Apico, complete with bar mount and wiring - a very handy safety and security accessory.


£25.00 *

Klim Balaclava

The Klim Balaclava features Coolmax® moisture wicking fabric on top and a Windstopper® neck, with back stretch fabric to fit different head sizes.

£32.00 *

Klim Braces | Suspenders

Klim Braces (Suspenders) hook in to the loops on the Klim Latitude and Badlands pants to help keep them from sagging and keep you covered up

£29.00 *

Klim Crew Sock

A technical riding sock in the size of crew style. Designed to wick moisture quickly away from the skin for a dry and comfortable foot.

Klim Neck Warmer

The Klim Neck Warmer

Fleece neck warmer that can also be used as a beanie when off the bike.

£22.00 *

Klim Sock

The perfect hybrid sock for every ride with moisture wicking in warm conditions and wool content for insulation when colder

£27.00 *

Klim Vented Sock

The Klim Vented Sock is our most ventilated technical motorcycle sock and is best suited for aggressive riders and/or warmer conditions.

£22.00 *

Kriega Cam Straps

2 x Heavy-duty nylon Cam straps (1.5m long) for extra luggage attachment including DryBags

£12.50 *

Kriega Drybag to Tank Bag converter

This excellent luggage accessory converts a Kriega DryBag into a Tank Bag. Fits most makes and types of bikes

£29.00 *

Kriega Fork Seals

Kriega coated neoprene Fork Seals increses the service life of your USD forks - easy fit and extra protection

£15.00 *

Kriega Front Haul Loop

Kriega Front haul loop - top quality accessory to help you haul the bike out of sticky situations - don't go on the trail without one!

£25.00 *

Kriega Hands Free Hydration Kit

Faster & safer hands free hydration with this in-helmet kit. For use with the Kriega 3 litre Hydrapak® reservoir

£29.00 *
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1 - 30 of 113 results