Tools & Maintenance

Tools & Maintenance

Essential motorcycle tools and maintenance equipment to help you maintain and repair your dualsport, touring or off-road motorcycle

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New Tyre Gauge Pro 0-60psi dial type

Oxford Products Pro analogue tyre pressure gauge reads in PSI and Bar, holds peak pressure reading - tough steel, rubber and acrylic gauge

£22.99 *

Replacement CO2 Canisters Top Ups 4 Pack

Oxford Products Replacement CO2 Canisters - Top Ups 4 Pack

£9.99 *

Tyre Valve Access Tool

Oxford Products tyre valve access tool - convert or extend forecourt airlines and other inflexible tyre inflators

£10.99 *

CARGOL Turn & Go Puncture Repair Kit 3

Cargol Turn & Go is a unique emergency puncture repair system which can be carried with you and usually takes no more than two minutes to use

£19.99 *

MotoPressor Tyre Pump - Compact Light Weight

Excellent ultra compact lightweight tyre inflator is just 570g and therefore the perfect 12 volt motorcycle tyre pump!

£35.00 *

MotoPressor Tyre Pressure Gauge

Excellent tyre pressure gauge reads in PSI and Bar - simply clip on and make sure you're running the right pressures

£22.00 *

Cobra JumPack 8000 Jump Start Power Pack

Cobra JumPack 8000 is a brilliant jump starter, power pack, flashlight and mobile charging device all in one.  Small, convenient & powerful.

£105.00 *

Motion Pro PBR Chain Tool

Versatile design means it is probably the only chain tool you will need - Motion Pro's newest and most innovative chain tool
£77.00 *

Motion Pro Trail Tool Kit

A "must have" lightweight all purpose tool kit and one of the best. Repairs and adjustments on the trail in a handy case.

£55.00 *

WD-40 Chain Lube Specialist Motorbike Range 400ml

Maintain the performance and life of your chain with long lasting lubrication and protection.  Particularly suitable for dry conditions. 

£10.00 *

SDoc100 Motorcycle Gel Total Cleaner

SDoc100 is a total care system - cleans without scrubbing, spray on and wash off, with corrosion inhibitor and UV filter

£18.00 *

ACF-50 Anti-Corrosion Protectant Lubricant

ACF-50 Spray is an anti-corrosion protectant and lubricant that we highly recommend for all motorcycle riding

£17.00 *

Puncture Safe Motorcycle Kit

Puncture prevention and repair kit that protects tubeless tyres by automatically re-sealing them in the event of a puncture

£25.00 *

Tyre Tube Puncture Repair Kit

Comprehensive puncture repair kit for tubed tyres. Includes a range of patches, glue and sandpaper

£5.00 *

Bolt Track Pack - Euro Style

Bolt track pack fastner kit is perfect for your tool bag to keep you moving.  Euro style bolts and fixings

£15.00 *

Bolt Pro Pack - Euro Style

Pro pack with over 180 pieces of KTM/Husaberg factory style hardware.  Euro style bolts and fixings

£45.00 *

Rabaconda Mousse Changer

The world's most advanced mousse changer - Designed and developed by the global dirt bike community - includes UK mainland delivery

£265.00 *

WD-40 Chain Cleaner Specialist Motorbike Range 400ml

Easy to use chain cleaner and quickly removes dirt, grime, dust and oil from chains. Compatible with O, X and Z ring chains.

£10.00 *

Super Tape - Large

Large Super Tape - Available in Black, Silver and White

£10.00 *

WD-40 Chain Wax Specialist Motorbike Range 400ml

Provides long lasting lubrication and protection for your chain making it particularly suitable for dry conditions.

£10.00 *

WD-40 100ml Chain Lube

Maintain the performance and life of your chain with long lasting lubrication and protection.  100ml handy size version

£10.00 *

WD-40 Brake Cleaner Specialist Motorbike Range 400ml

Designed to quickly remove brake dust, dirt, oil, and brake fluid from brake and clutch systems. The fast working formula dries in minutes.

£10.00 *

Rim Protector - Pair

A pair of plastic rim protectors, to save scuffing your wheel rims with the tyre levers when changing tyres.

£5.00 *

Spoke Spanner

Spoke Spanner - compact, lightweight, steel spanner, multi-fitment sizes - fits most spoke nipples

£10.00 *

Acerbis Fuel Container 18 litre

18 litre fuel can complete with detachable pipe - perfect for motocycle refuelling including Motocross and Enduro

£69.95 *

Apico 380mm/15" Michelin Type Tyre Lever

Apico 380mm/15" Michelin Type (kinked) Tyre Lever - the ideal tool for fitting our Michelin Mousses

£13.00 *

Apico Bike Stand Jack in the Box Pro

Sturdy professional motorcycle stand with rubber covered metal top with adjustable height using foot lever.

£45.00 *

Oil Drain Can oil dispenser- 5 litre

5 litre Oil Drain Can fits under your bike to catch any oil that is drained and then it is easy to transport and dispose of the waste oil

£19.50 *

Self Fusing Silicone Repair Nitro Tape

Nitro Tape is a self-fusing silicone tape that is specially formulated for the extreme conditions of automotive and motorcycle repairs

£9.95 *

Pro Tyre Lube 2.5 litre

Tyre Lube makes tyre fitting easy and is completely safe.  ProClean Tyre Lube is quick drying and leaves no unsightly residue.

£14.50 *
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1 - 30 of 57 results

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