Klim Jackets

Klim Jackets

Adventure Bike Warehouse are authorised UK retailers for Klim motorcycle jackets.  Great design and quality of jackets for every aspect of riding in all weathers - commuting, touring, rallies and all types of on and off road adventure - Klim have it covered.  Including waterproof, ventilated and protective jackets.

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Klim Apex Air Jacket

Klim Apex Air Jacket is the premium controlled-ventilation touring jacket. Easily go from heating up to cooling down. Black, Grey, Hi-Vis

£495.00 *

Klim Induction Jacket

Klim Induction Jacket with functionality of a premium, fully-ventilated mesh jacket without compromising protective qualities

Currently out of stock

Klim Carlsbad Jacket

The Klim Carlsbad Jacket is a highly mobile, highly vented and minimized bulk waterproof adventure touring jacket - black, grey, brown

Prices From £635.00 *

Klim Dakar Jacket

Klim Dakar Jacket combines Cordura® Nylon with ventilation and amour pockets for the perfect off-road, single track and dual-sport action

£239.00 *

Klim Kodiak Jacket

Klim Kodiak Jacket - comfort and confidence are provided by this long range waterproof touring jacket - black or grey

£899.00 *

Klim Badlands Jacket

The latest Klim Badlands Jacket - the ultimate waterproof textile adventure motorcycle jacket - Black, Grey and Hi-Vis

£895.00 *

Klim Latitude Jacket

The latest Klim Latitude Jacket - a feature-packed riding partner for extended trips in total comfort - Black, Blue and Hi-Vis

£580.00 *

Klim PowerXross Pullover

The latest Klim PowerXross Pullover is a durable, lightweight and highly dependable top for agressive riders

£305.00 *

Klim Arsenal Vest

The KLIM® Arsenal Vest offers the world’s most complete off-road cargo solution, complete with hydration

£190.00 *

Klim Apex Jacket

Klim Apex Jacket - The highest-performing sport touring jacket - weather protection, abrasion resistance & complete impact coverage

£725.00 *

Klim Valdez Parka Jacket

Klim Valdez Parka - GORE-TEX® Pro Shell jacket designed for highly active trail riders demanding maximum performance

Out of stock

Klim Altitude Jacket

Woman's motorcycle jacket tailored to fit the female form - GORE-TEX® weatherproof, high-tech armor coverage

£565.00 *

Klim Torque Vest

Same features of the sleek and lightweight warmth of the Torque Jacket but in a sleeveless, core-warming vest style

£119.00 *

Klim Torque Jacket

Klim Torque Jacket (redesigned) functions as a highly insulating mid-layer or a casual jacket, or even a handy pillow!

£155.00 *

Klim Stow Away Jacket

The KLIM Stow Away Jacket is the lightest motorcycle specific GoreTex waterproof jacket in the world and packs into its own chest pocket

Prices From £229.00 *

Klim Inversion Jacket

The latest Klim Inversion Jacket is perfect as a highly breathable wind-blocking outerwear action or casual piece. Various colours.

Prices From £204.00 *

Klim Gore-Tex Over-Shell Jacket

Designed to fit directly over the Adventure Rally Air Jacket, the new GORE-TEX® Overshell Jacket is a water and wind-proof barrier

£366.00 *

Klim Adventure Rally Air Jacket

Offers greater ventilation than the Rally Jacket while still providing exceptional protection from impacts and abrasion.

£1,151.00 *

Klim Adventure Rally Jacket

Built around a fully adjustable upper and lower harness - it literally lets the jacket float on your body - the pinnacle of jackets!

£1,575.00 *

Klim Forecast Jacket

2015 Klim Forecast Jacket is designed as an extreme-duty, ultra lightweight shell and features GORE-TEX® Performance Shell construction

£185.00 *

Klim Traverse Jacket

Klim Traverse Jacket is a GoreTex lightweight shell with heavy duty Cordura construction. Ride all day, every day in absolute dry comfort.

£385.00 *
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