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Kriega Luggage and Accessories

Adventure Bike Warehouse is one of the few places you can inspect the quality and practicality of the full range of Kriega luggage.  Everything from the simple tail bags, their excellent range of Kriega Rucksacks (with or without hydration) and the brilliant Kriega DryBag luggage system. All backed up with an exceptional 10 year Guarantee.


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Kriega OS-6 Adventure Pack

Kriega Overlander-System OS-6 with 100% waterproof roll-top closure to use as stand alone pack or as part of a multi-pack syatem

£75.00 *

Kriega OS-12 Adventure Pack

Kriega Overlander-System OS-12 with 100% waterproof roll-top closure to use as stand alone pack or as part of a multi-pack syatem

£89.00 *

Kriega OS-18 Adventure Pack

Kriega Overlander-System OS-18 with 100% waterproof roll-top closure to use as stand alone pack or as part of a multi-pack syatem

£99.00 *

Kriega OS-32 Soft Pannier

Kriega OS-32 soft pannier with 100% waterproof roll-top closure, constructed from Hypalon™ + 1000D Cordura®, with Kevlar® 

£249.00 *

Kriega OS Shoulder Strap

Kriega OS Shoulder Strap converts your OS Adventure Pack or Soft Pannier into a shoulder bag for an even more versatile luggage system

£22.50 *

Kriega OS Straps

Kriega OS Straps are a traditional over the seat strap set to mount a pair of OS-32 SOFT PANNIERS

£39.00 *

Kriega OS-Platform 18mm or 3/4" Tube Fit

Kriega OS-Platform for 18mm or 3/4" tubes. Lightweight platform for Kriega OS-32 Pannier or Rotopax fuel or water container.

£69.00 *

Kriega Cam Straps

2 x Heavy-duty nylon Cam straps (1.5m long) for extra luggage attachment including DryBags

£15.00 *

Kriega Hydro-3 Hydration Pack

The Hydro-3 is a race-spec. 3-litre hydration pack with an unequalled level of fit and comfort.

£125.00 *

Kriega R15 Rucksack

Hydration compatible motorcycle rucksack for road and enduro riders. Ultra-short back length to wear above waistpacks.

£115.00 *

Kriega R25 Rucksack

The Kriega R25 Rucksack is the most popular motorcycle backpack in the Kriega range with a convenient 25 litre capacity

£149.00 *

Kriega R20 Rucksack

Kriega R20 - Hydration compatible 20 litre motorcycle rucksack for road and off-road riders with optional back protection insert

£129.00 *

Kriega R30 Rucksack

The Kriega R30 Rucksack is the perfect motorcycle backpack for road riders with a convenient 30 litre capacity

£199.00 *

Kriega Solo-14 Saddlebag

Kriega Solo 14 saddlebag provides 14 litres of waterproof motorcycle luggage, constructed from super-tough abrasion resistant materials

£165.00 *

Kriega Duo-28 Saddlebags

Kriega Duo 28 saddlebags provide 28 litres of waterproof motorcycle luggage capacity. Super-tough abrasion resistant Hypalon & Cordura

£269.00 *

Kriega Solo-18 Saddlebag

Kriega Solo 18 saddlebag with 18 litres of waterproof luggage capacity, constructed from super-tough abrasion resistant materials

£175.00 *

Kriega Duo-36 Saddlebags

Kriega Duo 36 saddlebags with 36 litre capacity. Waterproof saddlebags constructed from super-tough abrasion resistant materials

£289.00 *

Kriega Kube Organiser

Kriega Kube Organiser - 1 litre capacity padded organiser pack - accessory for Kriega motorcycle luggage

£22.50 *

Kriega R35 Rucksack

Newer 2014 version of the ultimate long distance road riding motorcycle rucksack with 35 litre capacity

£199.00 *

Kriega Drybag to Tank Bag converter

This excellent luggage accessory converts a Kriega DryBag into a Tank Bag. Fits most makes and types of bikes

£35.00 *

Kriega Hydrapak 3 litre Reservoir

Hydrapak military spec. 3 litre reservoir, tube and bite valve for R15, 20 and 25 rucksacks. Reversible for easy cleaning, drying and filling.

£45.00 *

Kriega R3 Waistpack

Kriega R3 Waistpack is a compact 100% waterproof 3 litre waistpack for carrying essentials on or off road

£75.00 *

Kriega R8 Waistpack

Kriega R8 Waistpack is an Ulta-tough enduro waistpack with removable tool roll and 100% waterproof side-pod

£129.00 *

Kriega Rally Pack - Tail pack

Innovative new bolt-on rear tail pack (fender pack) for Rally or Adventure Riding from Kriega

£62.50 *

Kriega Rack Loops

Rack Loops are Kriega's ultra-lightweight alternative to a rear luggage rack

£35.00 *

Kriega Stash - Organiser / Wallet

Handy Travel organiser / wallet. Perfect for all those frequent-use items, like keys, cards, cash, mobile, papers, pen, ear plugs etc.

£25.00 *
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1 - 30 of 68 results

Kriega Rucksacks

Kriega Rucksacks provide practical, quality carrying capacity for motorcycle touring, commuting and adventure riding.

Kriega DryBags

Kriega DryBags are 100% waterproof tail bags and can fit to the Kriega Rucksacks for additional motorcycle Luggage capacity.

Kriega Panniers

Kriega motorcycle panniers and saddlebags provide versatile carrying capacity for your advenutre or commute.

Kriega Accessories

Full range of Kriega motorcycle luggage accessories including Kriega Kube, Cam Straps, Hydration and Waistpacks