Klim Pants

Klim Pants

Adventure Bike Warehouse are authorised UK retailers for Klim motorcycle pants.  Great design and quality of trousers for every aspect of riding in all weathers - commuting, touring, rallies and all types of on and off road adventure - Klim have it covered.  Including waterproof, ventilated and protective motorcycle clothing.

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Klim Dakar Pant

The Klim Dakar Pant is the most popular off-road motorcycle pant, combining unmatched durability, cargo capacity, comfort and ventilation

Prices From £215.00 *

Klim Adventure Rally Pant

Showcases the latest in advanced material, fit and armor technology to perfectly match the new Adventure Rally Jacket

£939.00 *

Klim Adventure Rally Air Pant

Fully-ventilated to ensure hot, humid and abusive conditions can be tamed - Premium leather inner knees and simply adjustable boot cuff.

£759.00 *

Klim XC Pant

Off-road clothing designed for racing, enduro and off-road riders who demand comfort, ventiulation and durable fabrics

Klim Tactical Shorts

Klim Tactical Short with built in impact protection, triple density chamois and moisture wicking - all in one high performance short

£84.00 *

Klim Tactical Pant

Klim Tactical Pant with built in impact protection, triple density chamois and moisture wicking - all in one high performance short

£94.00 *

Klim Everest Pant

The Klim Everest Pant adds significant mid-layer warmth under your favorite bibs or pants - moisture wicking thermal fleece

Unavailable until 2018

Klim Transition Pant

The Klim Transition Pant - versatile moisture wicking mid-layer or comfortable casual trousers you can wear everywhere - black, grey, green

£130.00 *

Klim Dakar In The Boot Pant

Klim Dakar In-The-Boot Pant  is the choice for  riders looking for a more durable, versatile off-road motorbike pant.

can be shipped within 14-21 days

Klim Mojave In The Boot Pant

Klim Mojave In-The-Boot Pant is the new and improved answer for riders who want a more durable, functional off-road option.

£179.00 *

Klim Altitude Pant - Women's

GORE-TEX® weatherproof motorcycle trousers with armour coverage, specifically designed for women - black

Klim Traverse Pant

Designed specifically for enduro and off-road riders who demand an extremely durable, waterproof and presicely patterned riding pant

Prices From £345.00 *

Klim Kodiak Pant

Klim Kodiak Pants are engineered to ride all-day, every day and providing comfort for long distances and touring - Black

£659.00 *

Klim Carlsbad Pant

Klim Carlsbad Pant offers maximum utility & mobility wrapped into an abrasion resistant, waterproof trousers. Black or grey

Prices From £425.00 *
Original price £529.00

Klim Mojave Pant

Klim Mojave Pant is the fully ventilated brother to the ultra-versatile Dakar Pant. Maximum mesh, various colourrs.

Prices From £205.00 *

can be shipped within 10 days

Klim Latitude Pants 2018

With each essential element refined, the ideal touring companion is here. Mastering protection, ventilation, and adjustability, the Latitude is your trusted companion on your next odyssey.

£549.00 *

Klim Forecast Pants 2018

Engineered for the unexpected. The GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY® Forecast stays packed away until you need it. Easy to put on over your riding gear, stows away in its own pocket and takes up minimal volume in your gear.

£205.00 *

Klim Artemis Pant

Designed for full-spirited adventure, the Artemis is ready to travel the world, yet right at home for everyday riding. Engineered for women by women, the Artemis is purpose-built adventure for women.

£589.00 *

Klim Dakar In The Boot Pant 2019

£199.00 *

can be shipped within 14 days

Klim Mojave In The Boot Pant 2019

£179.00 *

can be shipped within 14 days
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