Klim Jerseys

Klim Jerseys

Adventure Bike Warehouse are authorised UK retailers for Klim motorcycle jerseys, shirts and all mid-layer clothing.  Layering is answer and some of the best motorcycle clothing for that answer is Klim. Great design and quality of jerseys and mid-layers for every aspect of riding in all weathers - commuting, touring, rallies and all types of on and off road adventure. Official Klim Retailer with huge stock.

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Klim Revolt Pullover

The KLIM Revolt Pullover - Ultra-packable wind-blocking pullover with more effective ventilation and more durable materials throughout.


£76.00 *

Klim Mojave Pro Jersey

The KLIM Mojave Pro Jersey puts a focus on entire body comfort for a ventilated off-road jersey

£105.00 *

Klim Savanna Jersey - Women's

Versatility, durability and comfort. Engineered with a female-specific size spec and pattern, the Savanna Jersey will fit and look better

£40.00 *

Klim Torque Vest

Same features of the sleek and lightweight warmth of the Torque Jacket but in a sleeveless, core-warming vest style

Out of stock

Klim Inferno Jacket - Mid Layer

The Klim Inferno Jacket is still the most popular insulating mid-layer in the KLIM range, with 2 zippered hand pockets & refined fit.

£105.00 *

Klim Everest Jacket - Mid-layer fleece

Klim Everest Jacket provides premium fleece mid-layer warmth under outer wear or a casual comfortable jacket

Klim Everest Vest

The Everest Vest is perfect for those looking for a heavy fleece mid-layer, but still wanting to retain high levels of mobility

Klim XC Jersey

All-new XC jersey off-road racing clothing focuses on high performance and functionality for the racer while keeping the frills to a minimum

Klim PowerXross Pullover

The latest Klim PowerXross Pullover is a durable, lightweight and highly dependable top for agressive riders

£305.00 *

Klim Yukon Pullover

Klim Yukon Pullover - Ideal as a heavier-weight mid-layer insulator - The most comfortable pullover for bikers receives an all-new upgrade

£135.00 *
In stock

Klim Dakar Jersey

The KLIM Dakar Jersey is the perfect highly durable balanced-ventilation off-road motorcycle jersey

£62.00 *

Klim Tactical Pro Jersey

Klim Tactical Pro Motorcycle Jersey is designed to shrug off trailside debris whilst keeping you cool and comfortable

£145.00 *

Klim XC Lite Jersey

Introducing our fastest off-road gear yet. Engineered to provide the highest level of durability while maintaining an extreme level of mobility and ventilation, the XC LITE series is the perfect choice for the fastest off-road racers.

£40.00 *

Klim Mojave Jersey 2019

£65.00 *

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