Klim Gloves

Klim Gloves

We stock a full range of the excellent Klim Gloves for on and off road motorcycle riding. Everything from full protection, waterproof motorcycle gloves to dexterous leather and vented off road gloves. If you need any advice, just ask, as we have used most of them ourselves and can give real world feedback on the best options for you and your riding.

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Klim Glove Liner

The KLIM Glove Liner 1.0 - E-touch gloves with moisture wicking, to wear under your motorcycle gloves.

£19.00 *

can be shipped within 14 days

Klim XC Glove

New XC range from Klim - Lightweight Off-raod racing/enduro/MX glove with awesome fit and great grip

£36.00 *

Klim Dakar Glove

The Klim Dakar Glove - highly durable, versatile, off-road riding gloves built for aggressive riders - Black, blue, green, orange

£40.00 *

Klim Inversion Glove

Klim Inversion glove reborn with a high-grip synthetic palm, refined fit and updated fabrics - the lightest WINDSTOPPER®  on the market.

£54.00 *

Klim Inversion Glove Insulated

Klim Inversion Glove Insulated for wind stopping shell combined with top of the hand insulation to provide warmth without loss of grip

£65.00 *

Klim Mojave Pro Glove

A new standard in ventilated glove performance, combining the durability of a leather palm and the air-moving of the Mojave Glove family

£82.00 *

Klim Dakar Pro Gloves

KLIM Dakar PRO Gloves are the ultimate, highly-durable leather off-road motorcycle gloves for aggressive off-road riders - black, grey

£70.00 *

Klim Inversion Pro Glove

The latest premium leather Inversion Pro glove provides excellent windproof coldweather impact protection and direct-contact dexterity

£90.00 *

Klim PowerXross Glove Waterproof

Klim PowerXross glove leads the class of 100% waterproof gloves.  Comfortable, durable & highly engineered

£110.00 *

Klim Induction Glove Short

Engineered for maximum airflow with unmatched durability and comfort, the perforated Induction Glove is perfect for warmer weather

Prices From £133.00 *

Klim Adventure Glove Short - Waterproof

Klim Adventure Glove Short - wrist-length waterproof motorcycle glove is the ultimate all-terrain leather glove - black/brown

£160.00 *

Klim Quest Glove Short - Waterproof

Klim Quest Glove Short - wrist-length waterproof  is the ultimate advennture touring motorcycle glove - black or grey

£179.00 *

Klim Quest Glove Long - Waterproof

Klim Quest Glove Long - gauntlet length waterproof gloves provide additional cold and weather protection - black or grey

£213.00 *

Klim Rambler Glove

The KLIM Rambler Glove - The Classic Deer Skin Glove that just plain works in every condition

£76.00 *
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