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KLIM Technical Riding Gear is the global leader in designing, developing and manufacturing the most advanced motorcycle textile clothing and accessories.  Adventure Bike Warehouse is a Klim official reseller & authorised retailer and one of the few places in the UK where you can see the Klim Clothing in stock in the flesh. As enthusiasts, we try the clothing ourselves so we can give real world advice. 

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Klim Dakar Pant

The Klim Dakar Pant is the most popular off-road motorcycle pant, combining unmatched durability, cargo capacity, comfort and ventilation

Prices From £215.00 *

Klim Dakar Jersey

The KLIM Dakar Jersey is the perfect highly durable balanced-ventilation off-road motorcycle jersey

£62.00 *

Klim Dakar In The Boot Pant

Klim Dakar In-The-Boot Pant  is the choice for  riders looking for a more durable, versatile off-road motorbike pant.

can be shipped within 14-21 days

Klim Mojave In The Boot Pant

Klim Mojave In-The-Boot Pant is the new and improved answer for riders who want a more durable, functional off-road option.

£179.00 *

Klim Apex Jacket

Klim Apex Jacket - The highest-performing sport touring jacket - weather protection, abrasion resistance & complete impact coverage

£659.00 *

Klim Valdez Parka Jacket

Klim Valdez Parka - GORE-TEX® Pro Shell jacket designed for highly active trail riders demanding maximum performance

Out of stock

Klim PowerXross Pullover

The latest Klim PowerXross Pullover is a durable, lightweight and highly dependable top for agressive riders

£305.00 *

Klim Tactical Pant

Klim Tactical Pant with built in impact protection, triple density chamois and moisture wicking - all in one high performance short

£94.00 *

Klim Induction Glove Short

Engineered for maximum airflow with unmatched durability and comfort, the perforated Induction Glove is perfect for warmer weather

Prices From £133.00 *

Klim Mojave Pro Jersey

The KLIM Mojave Pro Jersey puts a focus on entire body comfort for a ventilated off-road jersey

£105.00 *

Klim Inversion Pro Glove

The latest premium leather Inversion Pro glove provides excellent windproof coldweather impact protection and direct-contact dexterity

£90.00 *

Klim Inversion Glove

Klim Inversion glove reborn with a high-grip synthetic palm, refined fit and updated fabrics - the lightest WINDSTOPPER®  on the market.

£54.00 *

Klim Dakar Glove

The Klim Dakar Glove - highly durable, versatile, off-road riding gloves built for aggressive riders - Black, blue, green, orange

£40.00 *

Klim Deluxe Braces

Klim Deluxe Braces (Suspenders) attach to any trousers (pants) using high tension clamps to keep you safely covered up

£51.00 *

Klim Adventure Rally Jacket

Built around a fully adjustable upper and lower harness - it literally lets the jacket float on your body - the pinnacle of jackets!

Prices From £1,575.00 *

Klim Adventure Rally Pant

Showcases the latest in advanced material, fit and armor technology to perfectly match the new Adventure Rally Jacket

£939.00 *

Klim Balaclava

The Klim Balaclava features Coolmax® moisture wicking fabric on top and a Windstopper® neck, with back stretch fabric to fit different head sizes.

£32.00 *

Klim Covert Balaclava

Combines Windstopper® and Coolmax® fabrics with elastic and stretch panels to ensure a comfortable fit whilst keeping you warm and dry.

£41.00 *

Klim Crew Sock

A technical riding sock in the size of crew style. Designed to wick moisture quickly away from the skin for a dry and comfortable foot.

Klim Braces | Suspenders

Klim Braces (Suspenders) hook in to the loops on the Klim Latitude and Badlands pants to help keep them from sagging and keep you covered up

£29.00 *

Klim Mojave Pro Glove

A new standard in ventilated glove performance, combining the durability of a leather palm and the air-moving of the Mojave Glove family

£82.00 *

Klim Neck Warmer

The Klim Neck Warmer

Fleece neck warmer that can also be used as a beanie when off the bike.

£22.00 *

Klim Revolt Pullover

The KLIM Revolt Pullover - Ultra-packable wind-blocking pullover with more effective ventilation and more durable materials throughout.


£76.00 *

Klim Sock

The perfect hybrid sock for every ride with moisture wicking in warm conditions and wool content for insulation when colder

£27.00 *

Klim Vented Sock

The Klim Vented Sock is our most ventilated technical motorcycle sock and is best suited for aggressive riders and/or warmer conditions.

£22.00 *

Klim Torque Vest

Same features of the sleek and lightweight warmth of the Torque Jacket but in a sleeveless, core-warming vest style

Out of stock

Klim Gore-Tex Over-Shell Jacket

Designed to fit directly over the Adventure Rally Air Jacket, the new GORE-TEX® Overshell Jacket is a water and wind-proof barrier

£366.00 *

Klim Adventure Rally Air Jacket

Offers greater ventilation than the Rally Jacket while still providing exceptional protection from impacts and abrasion.

£1,151.00 *

Klim Adventure Rally Air Pant

Fully-ventilated to ensure hot, humid and abusive conditions can be tamed - Premium leather inner knees and simply adjustable boot cuff.

£759.00 *

Klim Savanna Jersey - Women's

Versatility, durability and comfort. Engineered with a female-specific size spec and pattern, the Savanna Jersey will fit and look better

£40.00 *
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1 - 30 of 101 results

Klim Jackets

Klim Jackets represent the pinnacle of touring and adventure riding gear whether you are starting out or an old pro!

Klim Pants

Klim pants are designed and built for the ultimate durability and comfort. Full range available from Official UK Retailer

Klim Gloves

Klim gloves including off-road, waterproof, enduro, leather and coldweather gloves both with and without protection

Klim Jerseys

Adventure Bike Warehouse are authorised UK retailers for Klim motorcycle jerseys, shirts and all mid-layer clothing

Klim Accessories

Klim motorcycle accessories including coolong base layers, socks and braces for Klim Pants, 

Klim XC Range

Klim XC Range of matching off-road clothing for enduro, MX, racing and general off-road riding