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ADV Spec Linesman Jacket

Linesman trail riding jacket. Soft shell, with vents and Kevlar reinforced fabric in key abrasion zones. Part of a layering system.

£249.00 *

ADV Spec Mongolia Trail Jacket

Mongolia trail jacket is tailored to 'ride far and light'. Tough, well ventilated and part of a comprehensive layer system.

£199.00 *
Original price £249.00

ADV Spec Atacama Race Jacket

Atacama Race Jacket. Built for and hard tested in the Dakar Rally. Tough & extremely light for rally or extreme ADV riding.

£199.00 *
Original price £249.00

ADV Spec Baltic Insulated Jacket

The ADV Spec Baltic Insulated Jacket. A lightweight warm insulated mid layer shell jacket that is designed to wear under an outer jacket.

£143.00 *
Original price £179.00

ADV Spec Core Long Sleeve

£39.00 *
Original price £49.00

ADV Spec Core Short Sleeve

£31.00 *
Original price £39.00

ADV Spec Mongolia Trail Pants

£199.00 *
Original price £249.00
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