Mutt Desert Racer 125 Motorcycle

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Mutt Desert Racer 125 Motorcycle


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Mutt Desert Racer 125 Motorcycle

Designed by legendary custom bike builder Benny Thomas of Mutt Motorcycles, our Mutt Desert Racer 125 appeals to riders whose image is everything. Designed and built to emulate a stripped down 1960’s/70’s style Triumph racer, favoured by the likes of Steve McQueen, the Mutt Desert Racer is simplicity and style personified.

A bench seat, wide bars and classic Beston grips, combined with a Burgess Peashooter exhaust system and 18" tyres, enhance the overall experience and riding position of this Mutt; perfect for in and around the city or being opened up on winding country lanes.

The Mutt Desert Racer was created to make everything that’s desirable about a classic bike, accessible and affordable and without the aggro of maintaining a vintage machine. The Desert Racer has all the mod cons of a modern bike, oh yes, we have indicators, 5-speed box, gear indicator and an electric boot all wrapped up in a pre-seventies British style twin shock chassis with a twist of American influenced customizing for that McQueen, dune jumping, fun on any Sunday vibe.

CLASSIC STYLE - The Mutt Desert Racer epitomises the stripped down race look reminiscent of the British bikes of the 1960’s. Running lightweight aluminium mudguards front and rear, the wide bars with classic barrel style grips and a bench seat give the Desert Racer plenty of ‘chuckability’. Whether you’re dodging taxis in the city or getting dirty down the green lanes, the Mutt riding position puts you right where you feel comfortable.

A HEALTHY RUMBLE - We like that Americanized Brit bike look so the Mutts run matching 4.10 by 18 Vintage style tyres front and rear with spoked wheels. The Burgess style silencer gives a healthy rumble that you won’t hear on other 125’s.

  • Licence - A1
  • Weight(Dry) - 105kg
  • Seat Height - 780mm
  • Engine - Single Four Stroke
  • Displacement - 124cc
  • Max Power - 12hp
  • Max Torque - 10Nm
  • Transmission - 5 Speed Manual
  • Top Speed - 70mph
  • Fuel Tank - 12L
  • 2 year warranty
  • Two tone tank
  • 18” wheels front and rear
  • Burgess Peashooter exhaust
  • Beston grips
  • Wide bars
  • Aluminium mud guards front and rear
  • Classic style 4.10 x 18 tyres front and rear

Available Colours

  • Blue/white
  • Orange/white

Mutt Motorcycles Desert Racer 125

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